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Meeting With An Insurance Claims Adjuster Without Roofing Companies On Your Side Is A Mistake

Have you ever had to file a roof claim with your insurance company to get your roof repaired only to find out later that your deck, fence and house paint were damaged too and it was too late to put it in the claim without filing a new claim with a new deductible? Don’t feel too bad. This has happened to thousands!

When a homeowner files a claim for hail or wind damage on their home, the next step in the process is to have a representative of the insurance company or an independent adjuster to come out to the property and assess the damage. The adjuster typically investigates the roof and surrounding property looking for damage cause by hail or wind.

Meeting With An Insurance Claims Adjuster Without Roofing Companies  On Your Side Is A Mistake

They then write up a report or estimate to fix any damage that may have occurred from a particular storm that happened on a certain date. Then they either give you the estimate right on the spot or will mail or email it to you usually within 24 hours to 2 weeks. This will come with an AVC check for the homeowner to use to pay roofing companies or general contractor to get started on restoring the property. This seems pretty simple right? Not so fast!

When a “CAT” storm AKA Catastrophe storm hits, this means that a major storm has damage many homes. Depending on the CAT # like 1,2,3,4,5, will determine the strength and amount of damage the storm caused to properties in that area or city. The lower the number the less damage from the storm. A CAT 5 storm is really big with a lot of storm damage. When these size storms hit, the local insurance companies are inundated with calls from their insureds. The local representatives will do their best to give estimates on the properties damaged, but typically they hire independent adjusters to help with the volume of claims.

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Many of these adjusters are on up to 8-10 roofs a day. If it takes an hour to do a quality assessment, that’s 10 hours a day without including driving, meals or even bathroom breaks. That’s a long day everyday, plus at night they have to do all of the paperwork. I do not envy these guys/ gals that do this work. It’s hard and very physically demanding. However, with this kind of work load, they can get in a hurry. They could possibly miss items that were damaged only because their work load is so stacked that they need to move on the the next roof claim.

Here’s is where a great roofing companies is worth their weight in gold!

Reputable roofing companies will meet the adjuster at your property and walk the roof and property with the adjuster. This tends to slow the adjuster down to be able to locate all existing damage on the entire property. Often times they will ask for the roofers help or opinions about the property damage. Roofing companies like FORTHECLAIM.COM are insurance claims experts and by no means tell the adjuster how to do his job but acts as an assistant to help find all damage to be included in the claim.

Because let’s face it, if you are going to be letting go of $1000 or more for a deductible, you might as well get all of your monies worth in having everything that was damage to be repaired. Common items that are missed are gutters, awnings, decks, stucco or siding, paint, windows and window screens, play equipment, patio furniture and BBQ grills.

That being said, this is a lot of work and time invested by the roofing companies in the homeowner and his property, so at that point the homeowner typically has signed an agreement with them to do the work. It is important however, to have done research on the roofing companies and feel comfortable with their terms and guarantees and BBB or ratings before you get this far with them.

Take your time, interview several roofing companies, check them out on social media and when you make your decision thank them for helping you find all damage and restoring your property, all for only your deductible out of pocket.

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